Our Scholarship Program

We want to make sure The Mothering Course is accessible for any mother who wants to be part of it. But we’re not all dealt the same hand in life. Some people may need more financial support in order to receive the mothering support and community they’re looking for. So we are offering 20 yearly scholarship spots (5 per season, or quarter) for free access to The Mothering Course for mothers who do not benefit from the same kind of privileges as others in our society. This is an honor system designed to make the course accessible for all income levels. As you assess your need, please keep in mind that these scholarships are reserved, for example, for students who cannot afford things like vacations.

We would love to be able to offer these scholarships to anyone who needs it, but this is our business and our livelihood so, at this time, we can only offer 20. Thank you to Becca Piastrelli and Sage Maurer for your leadership and inspiration in creating this program.

Currently all quarterly available scholarships are claimed, and we invite you to join the waitlist by entering your name and email below.