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About the Mothering Course

The Mothering Course is the antidote to the 'old story' we hear so often in our culture as mothers of daughters: "just wait until she becomes a preteen or a teen... you're going to lose your connection with her. It's going to be awful. She won't need you anymore. And then, maybe one day, when she's an adult, if you're lucky, she'll actually want to talk to you again."

Oh mama, this old story so isn't true. The Mothering Course is a transformational experience that guides you to write a new story for your motherline: one where you realize that your daughter needs you more, not less during the preteen and teen years, just in a different way. And one where you learn the actual skills and strategies to strengthen your bond, and get closer than ever with your daughter during the preteen and teen years (now that's a radical concept!).

The Mothering Course mixes masterful video teachings from mother-daughter dynamic duo, co-authors, and workshop leaders of over a decade, Sil and Eliza Reynolds, with live Q&A calls with expert Mothering Coach, Sil. An essential part of our journey together is our course community of like-minded mamas, gathering online, to support, inspire, get real, and share from the heart. The course is split into two editions, sold separately, for mothers of two different age ranges of daughters: The Preteen Edition & The Teen Edition.

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The Course

We're open for enrollment until Friday, September 29th at 6pm ET.
The course starts that same evening, and runs until Thursday, November 16th.
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Session One

The Essentials

It’s time to rewrite the old story you were taught about raising a teenage daughter. This is the essential reframe. We’re talking: reclaiming the teen years, being a safe harbor, the problems of peer orientation, and becoming the healthy alpha mama in your house (for everyone’s sake).

Session Two

Confident Mothering

We’re diving into what WE need as mothers to thrive. Because when we’re running on empty… no one’s happy, and our relationships aren’t thriving either. We’re reframing what it actually means to be a mature adult, and the mother our daughter needs.

Session Three

Your Mothering Skills

We share the top practices at the heart of the Mothering & Daughtering approach. These are the skills we hone as mothers to respond creatively to conflict, to love our daughters when they’re having a hard day, or to be witness to her journey through life without having to take it personally (which can be draining!).

Session Four

Sex, Tech & Safety

It’s time to dive into some of the ‘hot button’ topics. We’re ready, now that we’ve build a solid foundation for the mother-daughter relationship that we’re all standing on. Let’s get real about setting boundaries and creating a culture of openness, self-trust and safety in our homes. We talk about: sex, sexuality, puberty, food, body image, weight, technology, and addictions of all kinds.

Session Five


As we say at M&D: when we’re communicating, we’re connecting. It’s time to deep dive into communication! This is the magic: using specific strategies to create open communication with your teen. We think you’re ready! In this session, we talk: becoming a teen whisperer, communication how-tos, empowering your daughter to become more active in your relationship (aka ‘daughtering’), and creating real time to connect with your precious girl.

Audio Bonuses

Surprise! These are some of our most powerful audio teachings, trainings and M&D techniques, released at the end of the course for you to take with you on your journey. But we're not telling you what they are yet ;) They're a surprise!


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About Sil & Eliza

Sil Reynolds and Eliza Reynolds are a mother-daughter dynamic duo, co-authors, and workshop leaders. They’ve helped thousands of mothers and their preteen and teen daughters to transform their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Their book, “Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years,” has won praise from Jane Fonda, Christiane Northrup, Elizabeth Lesser, as well as from scores of mother-daughter readers.

Between their web show, We Thrive TV, their sold-out workshops nationwide, and their online courses, Sil and Eliza are the go-to source for moms who want to get grounded, trust themselves, and form a joyful, satisfying connection with their daughters. They believe in the radical notion that mothers and daughters can thrive and not just survive during the teen years — in fact it’s only natural.

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What Mothers are Saying

“Our middle-school psychologist told us that preteens and teens need to break from parental bonds in order to become self-sufficient. I didn’t realize until I was exposed to Sil and Eliza’s work that this information is incorrect and even potentially harmful. Learning that “true dependence creates true independence” and that my daughter and I can (indeed, should) stay close as she becomes her own person has given new purpose to my mothering. Thank you!”

-ES, mother

“I used to react and yell at my teen daughter in practically every interaction we had. Mothering & Daughtering has truly changed all my relationships; you see, I grew up in a home where everyone yelled and no one really listened. I’ve learned to be the mature adult in relationship with my daughter, I’ve become more conscious in my relationship with my husband, my friends, my coworkers… Since studying the communication toolbox with you, there has been a gentle revolution in my home. I am so very grateful.”

-BG, mother

“Before Mothering & Daughtering, it was difficult making it through a day or two with my daughter without there being some kind of major or minor blowup. The morning after, I would wake up with a lot of guilt about how I had mishandled our conflict. Then I would try to fix things and often made them worse. It was a vicious cycle. The workshops we’ve taken with you have changed everything. My girl and I now have a rich and loving relationship, and I receive the most surprising and genuine love from her just when I least expect it. It’s amazing how we are both thriving in our relationship and in our lives, regardless of how turbulent the times may seem. To tell you the truth, I feel like a mothering expert now! I am not afraid of conflict with my daughter anymore- I say bring it on: it will make us closer! Thank you!”

-RC, mother

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Can I use a payment plan?

Yup! We've got a 3 month payment plan. See details above.

Do I have to go through all of the course material at once? I'm busy!

Here's the beauty of this course: we do run it live over 7 weeks -- which is fun, deep and invigorating in a special way because it's with Sil and a community of mamas doing it side-by-side with you. However, once you purchase the Mothering Course Preteen Edition, it's yours for life. You have access to the content year round, and so you can do it at your pace. You can take advantage of the unique energy of the live experience, and then come back again and again to go deeper with the material.

When are the live calls? What if I can’t make them?

The live calls are every Thursday evening, from 9pm-10pm EST, while the course is run live. The good news is that they're recorded, so if you can't make a call live, you can listen to it later. And you can always send in a question ahead of time for Sil to answer on the call!

Do you do 1:1 coaching in the calls?

Yup, that's Sil's favorite part. Not only do we connect as a community on the calls, but it's an opportunity for you to bring your individual situations, questions and relationship dilemmas to Sil and have them worked with in real time. You'll get individualized coaching to guide you to the next level in the course, and in your relationship with your daughter.

Can I take the course with friends?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. If this is something you're interested in -- gather a posse! It's a perfect discussion-starter for a community of like-minded moms who want to do stay connected with their daughters during the preteen years.


Well, one is for moms of preteens, and one is for the mom of teens. :) But getting more in depth about it: the preteen edition is for moms whose daughters may starting to show signs of the 'typical' teenage behavior (pulling away, embarrassment, resistance to connection), and yet fundamentally, you still feel really bonded. There are some rumblings, so to speak, but mostly you want to secure what it already good and evolve your relationship to the next level BEFORE the teen years. The Teen Edition is more for moms who feel they are in the thick of it with their daughter. It's definitely the teenage years! Every day feels like a new challenge, or a new adventure, depending on how it's going -- and how you're holding it ;) The Teen Edition is for moms whose daughters are actively pushing up against boundaries and strongly feeling the pull for independence.