Can you imagine if

connecting with

your preteen or teen

daughter was…

A 10-Module Video-Based Online Experience for Busy Moms
with Sil & Eliza Reynolds

Can you imagine if

connecting with

your preteen or teen

daughter was…

A 10-Module Video-Based Online Experience for Busy Moms
with Sil & Eliza Reynolds

Do you sometimes wish that your preteen or teen came with operating instructions?

Like the moment the first angsty eye-roll happened… the how-to guide showed up in the mail too?


Struggle to feel confident mothering your preteen or teen… actually you feel kind of confused and ineffective these days.

Are exhausted by what feels like never-ending conflict with your daughter.

Have trouble setting boundaries and then sticking with them. You wonder: was her complete meltdown actually worth taking her phone away? Gosh, maybe I should just let her fry her brain — it’s easier for me!

Are worried about your daughter’s stress level: you see that school, her social life, and being a teen are all so intense, but when you try to connect or offer real support, she usually shuts down.

This is not just you, mama. This is all of us. This is “normal” in raising a preteen or teen girl in today’s culture.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
imagine this...
What if instead you:

Connected with your daughter, focused your energy on a specific, proven mother-daughter relationship approach, and, as a result are regularly, authentically talking with your daughter, in fact she’s even beginning to come to you herself to check-in.

Knew what to do in complex situations, such as: tackling safe sex conversations, setting limits with technology, handling teen parties, or managing her school stress when you feel like she’s shut you out.

Trust yourself, your instincts and your boundaries, and don’t get stuck in the same old fights with your daughter, because you’ve upped your mothering strategies and teen communication skills.

Felt calm and confident enough so that when your daughter has a teen tantrum (read: moodswings), you: still have a great day because you don’t take her emotions personally.

Does that sound better?
The Mothering Course is like finally getting
that operating manual for your preteen or teen.
What’s included in the Mothering Course?

10 Video Sessions

Access to our full video library (40+ videos) that leads you step-by-step through the Mothering & Daughtering approach, with reflections, tools, and exercises to put into practice in your relationship with your daughter right away.

Listen On-The-Go & Lifetime Access

All of the course content is downloadable in audio form, so take us with you during the day on your errands, your walks, or wherever else we fit into the rhythm of your everyday life. No schedule stress. We’re here when you need us. You get immediate and lifetime access to our beautiful membership site. We’re flexible.

private facebook group

If you’re craving a community of moms to check-in with, be inspired by, and get real with — look no further. Ask for resources, share from your heart, or organize a local meet-up!

preteen & teen editions

Raising an 11 year-old is different than raising a 15 year-old, right? That’s why we’ve got focused guides for you that give you exactly what you need right now whether you’re raising a preteen or a teen daughter.


The Mothering Course is built to fit into your daily life, as a mom. So, when something comes up next Tuesday with your daughter (say that grumpy disagreement after school about her sarcastic tone with you), you bring it to the Mothering Course: you watch a video that night that grounds you in the tools you have for boundaries and connection. The Mothering Course is an online experience for moms of on-going growth, at the rate, timing and schedule that works best for you.

Hi, We’re Sil and Eliza Reynolds.

We’re a real mother-daughter duo who got determined to do it differently. You see, like you, we struggled; in fact, pretty much every mother and daughter we knew struggled to connect in the teen years.

Sil, the mama in our duo, had a really difficult relationship with her mom when she was a teen: they stopped connecting, and stopped talking. It was awful.

When Eliza, the daughter in our duo, became a preteen and teen — and the eye rolls, frosty silence, and frustrated ‘mommmmmm’ angst began — Sil (1) panicked, and then (2) got real about it and knew she had to do something differently.

We healed, and now we teach about it. Together.

Mothering & Daughtering (yup, that’s our community, our business, our school) was born out of our need for an approach to mother-daughter relationships during the preteen and teen years that values heart over discipline.
Research actually shows that conflict and behavior are most effectively addressed by strengthening the mother-daughter bond, aka our healthy attachment to each other. We have a radical belief: it’s totally possible for for mothers and daughters to be close — even and especially during the preteen and teen years.

Along the way (and that’s almost 15 years now of working together), we wrote a best-selling book for mothers and teen daughters, and we taught thousands of mothers and daughters in live workshops across the country.

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“If these challenges [between mother and daughter] are a generational thing, Sil has certainly broken the pattern with her own daughter.”

— Jane Fonda

“Sil and Eliza offer a profound new understanding of the bond between mothers and daughters. Their work sets up mothers and daughters for a lifetime of health and happiness.”

— Dr. Christiane Northrup

“What Sil and Eliza teach mothers and daughters is profound, essential and revolutionary.”

— Geneen Roth


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  • Is this course for moms of preteen or teen daughters?
    It's for both! Once you enroll in The Mothering Course, you get immediate access to both the Preteen Edition (ages 9-12) and the Teen Edition (ages 13+). The Preteen Edition is all about navigating transition, staying connected, and building your mothering skills before the teen years arrive. The Teen Edition is about learning new mothering strategies while you’re in roller coaster of the teen years: not only how to get more effective communicating and connecting with your teen, but how to deal with urgent issues like safety, sexuality and tech at the same time! You get immediate access to both, so whether you've got a preteen, a teen, or both, you're prepared.
  • Is this a membership program?
    Nope! This is a full course where you get access to 100% of the content immediately when you join. Then you get to set your own schedule for watching the content whenever works best for you.

    We do have an 8 month payment plan, but this is not a paid membership or a course that is run over 8 months live, this is simply a payment plan.
  • My daughter isn’t a preteen yet, is it too soon for me to join the Mothering Course?
    We love a mom who wants to get prepared early! If you’re harboring fears of the preteen and teen years to come, we think it’s a perfect time to join the preteen edition community. Don’t hold on to that fear a moment more! Losing your connection with your preteen or teen daughter is not inevitable; come learn strategies to feel calm and confident ahead of time.
  • My daughter is in her twenties, is it too late? Will I still find this course useful?
    If your daughter is not living at home at least part time, not all of the course content will apply to your situation. However if you still have regular interaction with your daughter, or, are wondering about her teen psychology retrospectively, or, feel like your daughter has not grown out of the teen stage developmentally, this course could be a great fit to support your mothering.
  • How is this different or similar to your live events? I’ve always wanted to attend, and live far away, or it hasn’t worked out for logistical reasons.
    Great question. They’re different offerings, same M&D big-hearted essential content. However: our live events are retreats away from your daily life with your daughter, they’re an amazing reset and a time to build new skills for connecting together. The Mothering Course is built to fit into your daily life, as a mom, and does not include content for your daughter. It does however give us more space and time to go deeper into the content as a community of mothers. More topics are covered (more than are in our book even).
  • Do I take this course with my daughter?
    No. This course is for mothers of preteen and teen daughters, taught by both Sil and Eliza. Certain videos with Eliza will address how to get your daughter more involved in the relationship (we call this: “daughtering”) and how to understand and learn to speak your teen’s language of connection.
  • I’m a step-mom, is this course for me?
    Absolutely! If you’re raising a preteen or teen daughter, part time or full time, this course will support you in upping your game and learning new strategies. We don’t teach any strategies or tools that are specific to birth mothers.
  • I’m really, really busy, is this course for me?
    Well, that’s up to you. Do you have between 10-25 minutes a week where you want to listen to inspiring and useful audio or video to support your relationship with your preteen or teen daughter? Or maybe you’ve got 15 minutes a month? Here’s the thing: we designed this course for busy moms. Because, we’ve yet to meet a mom who isn’t busy (really). Each video is 10-25 minutes long, and fully downloadable to your phone or any other device so that you can listen on-the-go, wherever you are, and whenever you’ve got a free moment. You also have lifetime access. You don’t have to keep to our schedule. We fit into yours. That said, we support you with email reminders and inspiration, as well as 1 or 2 live runs a year close up and personal with Sil.
  • Can I listen in the car?
    Absolutely. All of our course videos and audios are available to download onto your phone. Hook up to your bluetooth or aux cord, and you’re set to go.
  • I adopted my daughter, is this course for me?
    Oh yes, mama. Of course! Motherhood comes in so many beautiful forms. We don’t teach any strategies or tools that are specific to birth mothers.
  • Can I take this course with my partner, or my daughter’s father?
    You can do whatever you want! You will find however that aspects of the course’s content are specific to the experience of being a woman, and a mother, raising a daughter. If your partner is a man, or non-binary, they may not relate to these modules as much. However, the course’s modules on communication or conflict may be deeply useful to you both, regardless of gender.
  • Will this also help me with my relationship with my son?
    You may certainly find relationship techniques that are universally useful (many moms in our community have), but it is not the focus of our course.
  • My child is genderqueer, agender, trans, gender fluid, or another gender identity — is this course for me?
    Great question. While the course doesn’t focus on raising a child based on their gender identity, we teach about gender, sex, and sexuality, and honor everyone’s identity. Strategies for communication, connection, and conflict will certainly still apply. We do use the terms 'mother' and 'daughter' throughout our sessions.
  • My daughter and I are doing really well in our relationship, is this course for me?
    Yes. Many mothers joins us when they’re actually not struggling in their relationship with their daughter, and instead want support, new tools, and inspiration so that their mother-daughter relationship can go from good to great, or from great to magnificent! Does that feel like you?
  • I feel like my daughter is the one who needs the help, not me. Do you offer something for daughters?
    Yes! Eliza has created amazing programs for your preteen or teen daughter. Check out online programs, mentorship circles, weekend retreats and podcasts for your daughter at Badass Girls

    Our live events for mothers and preteen daughters and our book for mothers and teen daughters may also be a great fit if your daughter is open to co-creating a stronger relationship with you.

    Lastly, we deeply recommend the Mothering Course for all moms who feel like their daughter is struggling; it's a support network of moms, and a set of tools to ground you and help you feel less alone as you navigate the ups and downs! If you're feeling overwhelmed, we recommend you getting support so that you can support your daughter better.
  • My daughter has an eating disorder/mental illness, is this course for me?
    We don’t address physical or psychological disorders that require medical or psychological treatment. If your daughter is in treatment and medically stable, this course will certainly benefit your relationship.
  • Do you cover ______ in the course?
    These are in-depth courses. We cover a lot. Like, a lot. If there’s a specific topic that we haven’t mentioned on this page, and you’re wondering whether it’s in the course (it might be, again, we cover a lot), email us at and we’ll get right back to you. Let’s get you clarity.
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Please note: this is not a month-to-month membership program. This is a course where you get immediate and lifetime access to the content. We do offer a 3-month payment plan, and when you enroll you are agreeing to pay for the program in full.